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One part Jekyll and one part Hyde

'Cause all you've got to do is ride into the sun

Bloody Rock God
16 July 1979
About me, as said by others:

"Phil doesn't need quotes to make him look cool. Phil makes being cool look cool." - eirefaerie

"It's a shame Phil is younger than I am... otherwise I would want to be like Phil when I grow up." - 1oldmanfan

"No matter what, I can pretty much guarantee that Phil's taste in music is exactly 1000^1000 times better than yours." - blutige_liebe

"Old though he may be, Phil doesn't smell like cabbage, which all the other old people do." - jigglypuff

"He's the man to come to for evil genius plans!" - zooey_glass04

"He likes his userpics like he likes his women, good looking and slim." - plainman

"He is made of fresh, homemade awesome, dipped in hot awesomesauce, and served on an ice cream awesomecone! He keeps me sane and I luff him." - hybridutensil

"Phil cries over each person with bad taste in music. That's how good and kind he is." - apsik

"Phil's tears cure genital warts. Too bad he has never cried..." - hybridutensil